Bachelorette Party Ideas - Photo Gallery

Bachelorette party and Bridal Shower Ideas Photo Gallery

We are just bursting with creative party ideas for both Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties! Planning the bachelorette party or bridal shower can be such a fun event that will unite all the bridesmaids. We've been stockpiling ideas for a while and realize how helpful and inspiring they could be for all you bridal party planners out there. Happy Browsing!
Penis Cupcakes

Colorful Penis Cupcakes

Cute little pecker cupcakes are sure be a hit at the bachelorette party. These little buddies were made by one of our creative employees for a birthday party... you can imagine how much fun we have celebrating employee birthdays around here!

These cupcakes are a yummy way to serve up penises in a tasteful way....Tee-he! Don't forget to pick up some of our cute little wiggly eyes for added fun. We also put a condom in the center as a fun surprise.

Chocolate Penis Bachelorette Party Favors

Chocolate Penis Bachelorette Party Favors

OK, so we'd love to sell you all some chocolate penises but in the summer they don't ship well and who wants to receive meleted willys in the mail? We've finally come up with the perfect solution... they are really easy to make yourself. This really is an easy DIY project. All you have to do is pick up one of our penis ice trays and some melting chocolate. Simply follow the directions on your melting chocolate and pour it into the tray. Let the tray cool in the fridge, then pop out the yummy little penises. We can think of so many different ideas for these it was hard to decide where to use them. In this case we packed them up in little celophane bags and tied them with a bow to use as bachelorette party favors. They would also make great cupcake toppers. Best of all, you can use them to make penis ice cubes when you're done using them as a chocolate mold.

Rhinestone Dress Bridal Shower Favor Boxes

Blinging out these favor boxes is a pretty simple project. If you're the DIY type of person, these cute little bridal shower favor boxes will be a snap to put together. These are in no way difficult and don't take too many extra supplies to assemble, just some time.

What you need:

Wedding Gown Favor Boxes
Ribbon (is included with the boxes, but easy to change the color to match other shower decorations)
Rhinestones (we used 12ss size)
Glue dots or other glue to secure rhinestones

Bridal Shower Mints and wedding bell confetti are pictured with favor boxes and are perfect as fillers.

Penis Cake

Penis Cake

Who said a penis cake can't be cute? We think this cutie will win over all the girls at your bachelorette party. This pecker cake is easy to make, just pick your favorite boxed cake mix and whip it up just like any normal cake. This penis cake happens to be of the jumbo variety. We also injected some white frosting into the center... for a creamy surprise. He is frosted with chocolate and decorated with the little penis candies and our plastic eyes. This guy is almost to cute to eat.

Condom Veil

Condom Veil

This naughty veil came from a creative customer (Thanks for the fun bachelorette party idea). It's fashioned with glow in the dark penis pencil toppers and condoms (both from the pinata filler pack). All it takes is a glue gun and a bit of creativity. The basic veil used is our rosette veil and we borrowed a few items from the piñata filler pack. The rest of the piñata filler pack can be used as bachelorette party favors or to fill a naughty penis piñata.

Penis Shaped Cake Cum-gratulate the bachelorette with this penis cake. Another awesome customer submitted this penis cake. It was made with the penis cake pan and she used chocolate shavings and white frosting to decorate this bad boy. So naughty and fun!!!
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