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Bachelorette Party Favors can be just handed out to your guests- but it's so much cuter when you have them in bags or boxes. We have different shapes, sizes and materials of bags and boxes to choose from. We even offer some fun sticker ideas to decorate and seal your Bags or Boxes. It's up to you- you can make them as fancy, personalized, naughty or simple as you wish. Trying to coordinate with your party theme is always a good idea but don't be afraid to mix it up a little. Something else to think about is a Gift for the Bride-to-be or Bachelorette. A lot of our Bags are Gift size and are so much more exciting than just a plain ol gift bag. Present her gift in a Bachelorette Gift bag that really sets the tone of the evening.
Zebra Cello Favor Bags, 20 pk - Bachelorette Superstore - Bachelorette Party Ideas

Zebra Cello Favor Bags, 20 pk

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