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Cake Pans & Molds

Penis shaped cake pans and molds are one of the funniest essentials for your bachelorette party. It takes some plan and preparation since you need enough time to make, bake & decorate the naughty shaped cakes, cupcakes & naughty lollipops. Are cake pans are extra nice because they are disposable, so no need to find a place to store a naughty shaped cake pan when the party is over- this also makes are cake pans more affordable AND there are two per package! We have boobie shaped and penis shaped cake pans, we also have a penis shaped lollipop mold.
Disposable Boobie Cake Pan, 2 pk - Bachelorette Superstore - Bachelorette Party Ideas

Disposable Boobie Cake Pan, 2 pk

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