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Yummy, yummy eats and super tasty bachelorette party treats! Adult shaped candies and edibles will add to your bachelorette party theme in so many ways. Try a penis pasta dinner and follow it up with tasty pecker shaped mints for dessert. Penis suckers are a bachelorette party staple and one of our most popular products. Nearly every order we ship includes a penis lollipop or penis candy necklace.
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X Rated Gum, 1 pc - Bachelorette Superstore - Bachelorette Party Ideas

X Rated Gum, 1 pc


Yummy Gummy Boobs

Yummy Gummy Boobs

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Yummy Gummy Peckers

Yummy Gummy Peckers


Zebra Print Buttermints

Zebra Print Party Mints