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Bachelorette Party Favor Guide

Guide to Bachelorette Party Favors and Decorations

Sometimes it's better to be tasteful - Not all bachelorette party supplies have to resemble penises. As true as it is that most girls will get a laugh out of that penis shape balloon floating overhead, not everyone wants to nibble cake off of a phallic plate. There are many tasteful party supplies sans penis that are made just for bachelorette parties. Before buying your supplies, take your guests into consideration. Will the invitees be young women with good senses of humor or will the bride's stern in-law or gradmother be in attendance? Be sure to plan accordingly. When you're uncertain play it safe. Go simple with a basic color scheme like black, pink, and white. Be sure that the only graphics are diamonds, girly bows, or the word "bachelorette." Keep the conversations at about a PG 13 level and ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Tastefully Tacky - Ladies, you can't let the future bride leave the house without being properly accessorized! Remember that it's up to you to make sure that she is always the focus of attention, wherever the party ends up. Does she need an inflatable penis or two to accentuate her hair? Inflate some condoms with helium and attach them to the bride for the can rest assure that all heads will turn. And, since you probably won't be inflating the whole box of condoms, you can get creative with the extras and tie them together with bows to make a a broach, corsage, or hair accessory. Additionally, instead of dressing her in an ordinary "bachelorette" sash or shirt, print the word "BRIDE" in bold letters on a plain T-shirt. Then, write a bunch of male names all over the shirt. Tell the bride that she has to find a male with each of the names by the end of the night. As she finds them, she must have them sign next to their names on the shirt and cross it out.

Bachelorette Party Decor to Go! - Decorations are essential for a great bachelorette party but what good are they if everyone can't see them? Putting the spotlight on the future bride at all times is half the fun. Ensure that everyone knows that she is around…even when on the road! Before you break them out know that there are much more original ways to deck out your car or limo than streamers and a penis shape balloon (okay, maybe coupled with the streamers and the penis shape balloon). First of all, you'll want to write messages in shoe polish across the windows (no fear, it washes off). Be careful, however, not to hinder visibility for the driver. Next, stick car flags to the vehicle that will flutter proudly in the wind announcing that there are bachelorettes on the loose. Remember to slap on some flashy door magnets, a rearview mirror card or two, and, for goodness sake, you better stick some things to that bumper!! Some online stores, like, even offer kits that come with almost allof the items listed above. Buying these items in bulk will cost you a lot less than buying them individually.

Bachelorette Gift for Him? - When the bachelorette party ceases, the bride will leave with armfuls of nasty gifts and each guest is likely to have a goodie bag and a penis shape balloon. But hold on, isn't someone getting left out? While it may be true that the bachelorette party is all about the bride-to-be and her girlfriends, hasn't the future groom earned himself a little surprise too? In reality it's not only the bride's big day and it's a really nice gesture to arrange for the groom to have a little something to take home (aside from his worn-out bachelorette). On the invites ask that each invitee bring one tool (it might be a good idea to assign tools so that you don't end up with six scredrivers and three sets of pliers). If all goes as planned you'll be able to give the future husband the new household's first tool set. Okay, you've probably caught on by now...we all know that the bride will benefit from this gift just as much as the groom. She'll be getting her own personal handy man but he'll be too blinded by the good gesture to see the truth.

Caution...Bachelorette Party - Be sure that you choose party favors that are in your favor. While you might be tickled by making the bride wear shackles and tote around a giant inflatable penis, make sure she has some fun in the process! If you're organizing the outing, invest in some fantastic party favors that will keep you all amused. First of all, this is a private party and you don't want people intruding, especially if you're out on the town partying. You've see that bold yellow & black "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape, haven't you? Isn't it about time that you sectioned off your own personal potential crime scene? Order a roll of "Caution - Wild Girls" tape and rope off your booth or table at the club and restaurant. If you're really feeling wild, rope off your own section on the dance floor. And, no matter what, don't let any outsiders into your area...except for the waitresses bringing in the drinks!

A Penis with Punch - There's no denying that there's something funny about a gigantic inflatable penis. For twice the laughs, however, get one that doubles as a punching bag. The bride shouldn't be allowed to walk around without being a little hassled so make her drag around this sizeable gem for a little while (you can always deflate it if it gets old). You can get the monster six-foot number or a more manageable three-foot doozy (if you're feeling nice). Whichever you opt for, however, make sure that it never leaves the bride's side. It's ridiculously funny to make the blushing bride share spotlight dances with her new friend, especially if you can get the DJ to announce it to the crowd (as if they won't notice already). And, as the night progresses, it could be entertaining to let a select few brave men box the penis...if they dare, that is.

Feel the Vibes - If you're going to play party games at your bachelorette party you're going to want to provide prizes for the winners. And, shock of shocks, a penis straw isn't always an exciting prize. If you really want to create a buzz with the invitees, try getting some "sweet" vibrating gifts. Admit it or not, we've all laid eyes on a vibrator before so you can stop acting mortified. And, even if they never get utilized, you can order some vibrators that are truly interesting and amusing. You can get compact, one-speed pocket vibrators in hilarious cases that resemble popular candies. Names include "Betterfinger," "Alotta Joy," and "100 Orgasms." As you pass the sweet vibrations out, however, remind the winners that they each require batteries are not included.