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Bachelorette Party Guide

Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party

Be Your own Party Planner
- Free Ideas for all your bachelorette party planning needs.

Pamper the Bride-to-Be

The bride-to-be's days as a bachelorette are numbered, what are her closest gal pals to do? Send her out looking ravishing, of course! What lady doesn't like to feel beautiful? Treat your gal pal to a day of getting beautified. Begin the day with a shopping trip. Collect cash from all of the attendees to make a pool. Then, let the bride pick out a great outfit (don't let her buy it without modeling it first--she needs the vote of the crowd). Next, hit the salon for facials, manicures, & pedicures that will help everyone to glow. Top off the day by letting the bride get her hair blown out by a stylist. Finally, it's about time to put the day's shopping to good use! Have everyone put those killer outfits on and head out on the town to show them off. Even if evening plans simply entail a nice dinner at a quiet restaurant, everyone is sure to feel like a million dollars, especially the future bride.

Girls Night In

Bachelorette party time? Instead of planning a girls night out, why not arrange a girls night in, slumber party style! I know you remember those adolescent nights you spent giggling until dawn and just enjoying being a young girl. Can you think of a better way for the bride-to-be to spend her last single night with her best friends? At the start of the night, set one important rule: Everyone must wear their pajamas and sleep in sleeping bags. When the guests begin to arrive order some pizza, eat fattening snacks, and throw some old favorites into the VCR (think Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty and Pink). Then, relax and feel relieved that you've all survived your formative high school. If you want to give the event a little more of an adult feel, whip up some margaritas and play a game like truth or dare (I'm sure the game will be a lot more interesting than when you played it in your early high school years).

Look Into My Crystal Ball!

Your best friend is getting married and you want to do something ridiculously exciting for her on her last single night. How about some soul searching…literally. Have you ever thought about having a psychic or astrology party? Invite all of the bride's closest friends and relatives (female, of course) and hire an authentic psychic or astrologist (you can easily find one in the yellow pages). If you're extremely picky, you'll probably want to check out a few of these "psychics" ahead of time so you don't risk being gypped. Finally, let the fun begin. Have the main party in big room, like the den or living room. Arrange for a smaller room that has a door to be the "reading room". If you want to be really authentic, take out the candles, big crystals, velvet curtains, and crystal balls to make it look real. Keep in mind, however, that the psychic or astrologist might insist on bringing her own personal items and might feel uncomfortable or unable to work with yours. Be sure to you talk to your hired guest in advance, letting her know who the future bride is (even though she should know already) and arrange it so that the bride gets an extended and excitement-filled reading.

Have The Strippers Come To You

The last fling, the last hoorah, the last night of freedom! Whatever you choose to call the bachelorette party, make sure it's a doozy! You want your pal to have a great time. Keep in mind that she's about to commit herself to one man for the rest of her life. For goodness sake, make sure she gets to be surrounded with some hunky men on her last night as a single lady. Instead of going to a dirty strip club, arrange to have a stripper (or strippers) come to your living room or hotel room. If you hire your own personal stripper(s) you won't have to share them with an entire night club full of ladies and the future bride will get all of the attention that she deserves. In addition, if you order your own stripper, you can customize him. You have the luxury of specifying what you would like your man meat to look like and you may even get the opportunity to specify what type of costume you would like him to wear (police man, fireman, etc.). Go ahead and be selfish and get your very own stripper...your friend has earned it.

Go With The Flow

A bachelorette party is a night of unity & bonding among girls who are saying goodbye to a close friend or relative who is headed off into the world of commitment and marriage. Want to announce to the world about your bond (and get tons of fantastic attention in the mean time)?! Think about throwing a bachelorette theme party. It's important not to pick just any theme or all of the invitees might not be able to find something in their closet that will do. Additionally, a complicated theme might discourage some ladies from dressing up or showing up at all. Some simple themes to pull off are: everyone in hot black dresses, boas & tiaras, cowboy hats and denim skirts, or, if you really want to go the easy route, have all the girls wear the same color outfits (red works well). A theme party is a sure-fire way to get you all noticed and you'll see heads turning in your direction all night long. Be sure, however, that you let the future bride wear something a little extra so she will stand out from the flock (a sparkly crown, a button, or a sash).

Are They Really Meant To Be?

Bring all the bachelorette's friends together for a fantastic girls night. Make extremely girly drinks, tell ridiculously embarrassing stories, and think back to the pre-engagement days. Want a fantastic idea that will be great fun for the future bride? Make a list of very personal questions, "when, exactly, was your first kiss" or "what was your most embarrassing moment with Elizabeth?" or even "what do you like best about Elizabeth?" Or, if you really want to pry, ask something like "exactly how many minutes does sex last?" Question the groom in advance. On the eve of the bachelorette party, ask the bride the same exact questions and see how many answers are the same. Do they match up? This is a good opportunity to see if the bride and the groom really are on the same page.

Give Her Something to Wine About

Don't want to throw the same old bachelorette party that ends with sticking dollar bills into G-strings or taking tons of shots? Try something unique for once. Instead of arranging the stereotypical girls night out, plan a girls day or weekend and take a trip to the vineyards. Wine tasting is an excellent way to get some bonding time in, enjoy great views, and sample new wines. Pack a picnic lunch or some scrumptious cheese to snack on with your wines. Once you've finished sampling, buy some of your favorite wines that you've tasted to take with you. Later in the evening, get everyone showered and changed, then pop open the bottles. Spend the night at a hotel near the vineyard or at someone's home talking and sipping. Just because it isn't a wild & crazy party doesn't mean it won't be an extremely memorable one.

An Elegant Evening

Who says that bachelorette parties have to be tasteless debaucheries? Plan out a truly elegant affair instead. Spread out the white tablecloth and polish that silver and crystal. Set up a four or five course meal, even if it means you have to order out from one of those fancy restaurants. Invite all the ladies that are close to the bride and instruct them to don their favorite cocktail dresses and cute heels because this is a fancy scmancy dinner. For the evening help all of the girls to feel like VIPs at a top-notch restaurant. As the evening progresses, don't forget to pull out the champagne and toast to the real VIP, the bride-to-be.

Make It Comical

Instead of laughing your butts off at the future bride as she makes a clown of herself all night, try chuckling at someone else instead--someone who wants you to laugh at them. Bring your bachelorette party to a comedy club and send the giggles in someone else's direction. Search the web or thumb through the yellow pages to find some comedy clubs in your area. Buy your tickets and be sure to make reservations early and you may be able to get a VIP table in front of the stage. Be sure to notify the club ahead of time and let them know that you're having a bachelorette party at their establishment and see if they offer any packages or bonuses. While at the club, make it clear that your girl is about to get married (make her wear a distinguishing sash or crown) and it's probable that the comedians will incorporate her into the show!

Dress To Impress... Or Not

Don't even think about allowing the bride-to-be to go out on the town unless you plan on making a scene! This night is the bride’s night so attempt to divert as much attention to her as possible. One way to accomplish this is by making her a costume. It's a popular idea to create a veil accented with condoms and connect it to a sparkly tiara. T-shirts pressed with ridiculously cheesy sayings or slogans or even embarrassing photos are always a big hit (if you decide to do this, bring a bunch of sharpies and let good looking guys help to decorate the t-shirt). A sash that broadcasts "bachelorette" is a spectacular idea. Whatever you choose to cover the guest of honor in, be sure she gets attention and feels really special. If you go to a dance or nightclub make sure that you ask the DJ to make an announcement or even arrange a spotlight dance for the bride.