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Bachelorette Party Idea - The Last Hoorah

She's on her way out! You're losing one of the girls to the married life and it's up to you to make sure that she has one last great night of being single before slipping on that gold band. Planning a bachelorette party is not something that you will want to take lightly, make sure it's a night that she will think of fondly for years to come. When putting the event together, keep the special guest to be in mind. Is she a wild child or a mild-mannered lady? It's supposed to be a night designed just for her so keep her personality in mind or it could end up being a night she is eager to forget (and not for the good reasons).

Bachelorette Party Idea #1 - Name it with your best shot!

Most likely alcohol will be served at the bachelorette party, why not make a game of it by creating unique (possibly naughty) names for shoots? To play, have each guest come up with their own shoot recipe and corresponding name. The party girl to come up with the best shoot name wins a naughty prize!.

Party Idea #2 - Run a Tight Ship

A bachelorette party is a large event and, if you're planning one , it's iessential that you are organized. Create a list of everything that needs to be done (making the guestlist, sending out invites, shopping for supplies, making reservations, renting transportation, etc.). It's a good decision to start making your preparations weeks ahead to ensure that you have the time to set everything up. Putting a party together in a rush can end up being messy and, well, an unsuccessful endeavor. Get started early and try getting some mutal friends to help you with the process.

Bachelorette Idea #3 - Party Like You've Never Partied Before!

Bachelorette party ideas all seem the same these days. You see it all the time, a giant group of women all gussied up and out at the bars, giggling and cutting up like schoolgirls. One of the best tips on putting together a bachelorette party that you can get is to be unique. It's a great idea to throw a theme party; tell all of the ladies to dress alike (as cowgirls, flapper girls, Hollywood stars, etc.). Then, hit up venues that you don't usually frequent. In other words, don't dine at the same restaurants or drink and dance at the same bars and clubs that you always frequent. This is your girl's last night out being single, don't turn it into the same old song & dance!

Bachelorette Party Idea #4 - Don't Leave Anyone Out!

People get married everyday but it's not everday that one of your best buds ties the knot! It's up to you to make sure she gets a proper dismissal from singlehood. First things first, make sure that you get all of her favorite gals together to celebrate. Make a guest list (don't forget her work buddies, her female relatives, and her fiance's female relatives). When you send out those bachelorette party invitations you don't want to forget anyone important. It's a great idea to call her mother or sister and confirm that you haven't left out any important invitees.

Idea for the bachelorette party #5 - Good Girls Have Fun Too

Just like every authority figure probably told you when you were young, you don't need booze and drugs to have fun. You don't have to throw a ridiculously wild bachelorette party! Remember that the most important reason for putting the event together is so that the future bride can spend valuable time with all of her favorite women. Some of the best bachelorette parties can be ones where you just hang out together, talking and enjoying the company. If the future bride isn't a wild girl, consider throwing a a tea party, a sleepover, or even a ladies' night gossip and movie night. Nice, innocent fun with the ladies might be all the bride-to-bereally wants...remember that.

Tip #6 - Steppin' Out in Style

Call up all the ladies, it's now time for a hardcore bachelorette party! Don't let your friend merely fade out of the single life, send her out with a spectacle! If you're plotting to go all out, however, be intelligent about it. If you know they'll be drinking arrange enough designated drivers to get the group home safely. If this seems unlikely, hire transportation (it will cost next to nothing if everyone chips in). It's a special occasion so why not go all out and rent a party bus or limo? The lasie will not only have a personal chauffer but you'll be riding around the town in style. And, to sweeten the deal, you'll get door-to-door service and won't have to worry about searching for parking or walking from the lots!

Idea #7 - Take it Down a Notch

So, you've been elected to orchestrate all of the bachelorette party planning, what do you do now? Plan your evening out wisely and cerefully, that's what. Many bachelorette parties end up out on the town and that's always a good time. Before letting loose and gettin' buck wild, however, begin the evening slowly. Make some reservations at a nice restaurant or arrange a dinner at someone's house before going out to party. Enjoy a delicious meal and give everyone a chance to catch up or get acquainted before things get out of control. This is also the best time to pass out party favors, and let the future bride open her gifts. Everyone will be able to see what's going on and there won't be any shouting over loud music.

Idea #8 - A Hungover Bride Isn't a Pretty Picture

A bachelorette party is a the future bride's last night to let loose. All of her best female friends and relatives join together to make sure that her final night out as a single woman is memorable (or, ahem, not so very memorable). If you're plotting to take your gal pal out for a long night of dancing, drinking, and strippers for her "final night" as a single lady, don't be too literal. Among the best tips on planning a bachelorette party (if not the very best tip) is not to arrange to have the fiesta the night directly before the big wedding day! It is in the future bride's best interest to arrive at her wedding having had a good night's sleep and looking stunning. If she's been out all night the night before, she's going to look like death! Don't let this happen to her! Have the bachelorette party at least seven days before the big day, the bride will definitely thank you down the road.

Idea #9 - Plan an Event to Remember

Are all of the tips on planning a bachelorette party that you've been hearing sounding like a broken record? That's probably because the majority of bachelorette parties nowadays are basically the same. A group of girls get together to embarrass their gal pal before her wedding day. There is typically a lot drinking, a stretch limo, and, of course, buff strippers. It may be a the bees knees that evening but what will the bride think about it when she looks back in the years to come? Will she remember any of it? The main point of a bachelorette party event is to spend some time with the future bride before she leaves the single life forever, why not make the bachelorette party memorable? Try doing something unique and exciting! Plan an activity that the bride has never experienced before and surprise her with the plans. Think white water rafting, sky diving, spelunking, cliff diving, or even parasailing. Not her idea of fun? If you want a milder adventure, arrange a lovely luncheon followed by a breathtaking hot air balloon ride through the clouds. Make it an occassion she'll always keep close to her heart.

Idea #10 - Wilderness Girls

Want to put together a wild bachelorette party? Get wild...literally and plan a nature event, a hike through a wooded area or the mountains. There are hiking areas all over the place, even if you have to drive a few hours. Pack up your gear and head to the great outdoors. It's a fantastic idea to pack a great lunch (picnic lunches work best) to enjoy midday. If you want to truly rough it , camp in the woods for the night and enjoy the stars. If traipsing about in the wilderness for a day is about all you can take, however, reserve a hotel (or motel) nearby. If you're lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a charming bed and breakfast, don't miss out on that experience.

Idea #11 - Hold on Tight

Want to plan a genuinely unique bachelorette party? If strippers and drinking aren't you're idea of a good time, try doing something exciting and challenging instead. White water rafting can be a wonderful bonding experience for the bride-to-be and all of her fvorite ladies. There are many locations where you can enjoy white water rafting but why not go somehwere where someone else does the work for you? All-Outdoors Rafting ( in Walnut Creek, California is one of the best places to hit the water. After you make a reservation they arrange the event for you and even send out the invites. In addition, they provide meals, equipment, and shuttles to the area. They also give the bride a great T-shirt as well as a waterproof camera to help her document the event. If the Bay area in California is too far to swing for a bachelorette party, search the Internet for more convenient locations. Don't forget to inquire about special packages for parties!

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